1/ What are the requirements to join?

    •    Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the programme
    •    Must have successfully completed secondary education
    •    Must be proficient in the English language (verbal and written)
    •    Must be able to obtain an EASA Class 1 Medical without restrictions


2/ Is there a selection process?

No but rather an assessment process to protect your investment. As long as you fulfil the requirements, you’re welcome to join us. 
In order to help the candidate evaluate his ability to follow the course, we do an aptitude test and an English assessment. This is done to see if there are areas that need a bit of improvement before the beginning of the training. We also provide the tools to verify your knowledges in mathematics and physics at the level required by the aviation industry .

3/ Do I need flying experience before starting the course?

You do not require any flying experience prior to the training. Most of our candidates don’t have any flying hours before joining the course. Our programme is build to bring you from little to no knowledge of the aviation world to being ready to apply to all airlines in the world.
If you want to be well prepared, we suggest you to join a glider center prior starting your course to evaluate your motivation and acquire basic skills.


4/ How long is the training?

At Hub’Air we prefer you to take your time and truly understand and master your future career.
So we have established a schedule based on our extensive experience but each student being different, we give them freedom to take longer if necessary.
The duration of the theoretical course is usually around 8 months, the flying modules are usually done within 8 to 9 months. We then finish with two weeks of MCC training.
The typical duration of the entire Programme is about 18 to 20 months.


5/ Will you help me find a job after the training?

An airline selection training day is organised at the end of the course, where you’ll be asked to perform an interview and a simulated group exercise.
Hub’Air offers a personal tutoring to all of its students all along the training and when the student is finished with our integrated course. We can say with pride that when the market is hiring, our students are the first ones to be hired.

6/ What is the total price of the training? Do I have to pay everything upfront?

The total price of the training is 89,950 Euros. 
You do not have to pay everything at the beginning of the training. You can pay by instalments. For example, you’ll pay for the ATPL theory and once this is completed you’ll pay for the first flying module basic VFR and so on.

7/ Can you help me finance this project?

Investing in your dream job is the best thing you can do for your future. We can put you in contact with a bank that will help finance your project. 

Our experience has shown us that your family bank will always give you better conditions as they know you and your family.

8/ What if I fail a module during the training?

We understand that starting an airline pilot training can sometimes bring a bit of fear into the head of new students. At Hub’Air we do our very best to ensure that the candidates learn the basics before stepping to harder ground and we follow the evolution of the training thoroughly. Wether it’d be during the theory part or the flying modules, if additional help is required, we don’t hesitate to provide them.
Our success rate for the ATPL theory is close to 100%.

If, unfortunately , you would fail to continue, you would then have to pay what you have done, no more.

9/ Where will I be training?

Hub'Air is a Luxembourg based school with its Head office at Leudelange, Luxembourg. This is where you will meet us for administrative purpose and to  present your exams.
Our home base is located in Chambley (Northern France, close to Metz) for the flying modules. 

10/ I live abroad, do you provide accommodation during the training?

We can offer accommodation on site at our base of Chambley at a very competitive price. This is where you’ll spend most of your time during the flying modules. All the required facilities are available.
During the theory part, you’ll have to find a place to stay in Brussels on your own. We can help you find a suitable room if needed.

11/ Is this the right time to start studies to become an airline pilot? 

We do not have a crystal ball, but our long experience in aviation has shown us that cycles are the rule in this business.
Starting when the market  is down is not necessarily a bad thing as, by the time you have completed your training, the market will have changed and demand will be there again. So, there is not really a wrong time to begin your training.

How long will it take for the industry to recover? Probably a certain time but when it does, you will have anticipated it and will be the first one available.

12/ Who is giving the training?

At Hub’Air we pride ourselves with the quality of training and the level reached by our students. That is the reason why we only work with confirmed experienced airline pilots and aviation engineers. All of our instructors are employed in the biggest airlines in Europe and have extensive knowledge of the aviation industry.

This pledge of quality has a price but we are committed to success whilst remaining true to our values.


13/ Why is Hub'air going back to basics?

By using tailwheel aircrafts for the whole initial training, practising aerobatics in solo flights, having only experienced instructors, using the latest technology of glass cockpits only when it is necessary, prioritising pedagogy in all courses, we are answering the need for quality in our industry. We are conscious that we are not following the trend of the majority of the schools which are looking for high profitability and massive production of pilots. We consider ourselves to be "Artisans".

By selecting Hub'air, you are choosing an effective training, tailored to you, with highly qualified and motivated instructors. You are choosing to train with the best tools (manuals, aircrafts and simulators) and in the best environment to reach your goal of becoming an Aviator.

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